Universal Crepitation

  • 10th November - 18th December 2020
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

In association with the 2020 Greenwich Sound/Image Festival, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery is hosting an exhibition of audio-visual works, spanning a wide range of practices, including theatre, video, dance, music, and installation art.

Running from 10 November through 18 December 2020, Universal Crepitation explores sound as a granular ever-present entity.

Universal: in that no part can be excluded from causality (unless godlike and nonexistent).  
Crepitation: a crackle, a rattling of parts rubbing together.  

We habitually try to trace a sound back to its source, to identify and label it, but what we find here are just shifting points of contact. In an exhibition that incorporates different voices and modalities — the sonic, the spoken, the written and the staged – artists bring their singular approaches together through collaborative practice. The accumulation of multiple sound/image works in one space has the potential to generate a cacophonous noise – or the possibility for new unities to emerge from these points of crackling contact. 

Intuitively it could be possible to sense that white noise contains multiplicity, just as this exhibition may contain undulations that speak of distinct temporalities and lifespans that animate and invigorate; a complex pulse that generates new worlds, emergent narratives and landscapes. The relationship between sound and the emergence of music has two distinct trajectories, the narrative/linear and the ambient/cyclical; time and space. Universal Crepitation explores the dynamic tension between these two tendencies or aspects of the sonic. 

Features Ole Hagen, Oscar Nearly, and Mhairi Vari, working  in collaboration with  Hannah James-Scott,  Hannah  Jowett, and Rhea T-W.

This exhibition is part of the Greenwich Sound/Image Festival. Below is the sound featured in the installation.

Mhairi Vari · Here it comes universal crepitation (edit, shortened)
Hannah Jowetti · Don’t Feed The Task Monkeys(edit, shortened)


To watch the live stream, please click the link here.

Your Visit

Due to COVID 19, we are operating a policy of limiting visitor numbers to a maximum of 6 per hour, with no group bookings. It is therefore advisable for you to book in advance for your visit. Each slot is 45 minutes starting on the hour and can be booked via the Eventbrite link below. If you arrive without a booking we will only be able to grant you entry if there is a gree slot. In this case, you will also be required to leave contact details for tracing purposes.

You are requested to wear a mask for your visit (unless you have a waiver), make use of the hand sanitiser provided, and to observe social distancing measure while you are in the gallery. For those shielding or otherwise unable to attend on-site, an online digital version will be available which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Further info

The gallery is fully wheelchair accessible. Public toilet facilities are available, including RADAR key operated disabled toilet facilities, on application to the gallery assistant.

Further access information can be found under the Find Us tab on this website. For any additional access requirements or enquiries, please contact the gallery at ugg@gre.ac.uk.

We gratefully acknowledge funding support from Royal Borough of Greenwich

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