TRANSLATIONS (Body Talk: whose language?)

Jennifer Patterson

  • 6th - 14th July
  • Heritage Gallery

This exhibition brings together Catherine Greenwood’s work on body images with Deborah Padfield’s on metaphors of pain. Translations explores how aspects of visual and verbal language, their form, content and structure can present readers with different ways of seeing, reading, knowing and relating to visual media. It forms part of the Association for Medical Humanities 2016 Conference Body Talk: whose language? at The University of Greenwich. Bringing art together with medicine is not new. The close links between aesthetics and ethics in Western ideals of beauty and morality was written about in Ancient Greek philosophy, but these are closely linked in many cultures and religions. Today, working on what it means to be human and bringing the human back into medicine through patient-centred care presents exciting possibilities for new forms and mergings of art and medicine, through which art can become a form of tool or even a form of treatment.

The exhibition is supported by the Wellcome Trust

For more information about the conference, Body Talk: whose language? please follow this link.

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