• 22nd Jan - 7th Feb 2024
  • Heritage Gallery

To mark International Holocaust Memorial Day (27 January, 2024) ten Jewish members of the University of Greenwich and the wider community have contributed their personal stories of life, persecution, and resilience.  The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘the fragility of freedom’, highlighting the precarity that minority groups, including Jews, often live with. ‘This Is Our Story’ highlights individual stories that show the diversity of Jewish life, but also commonalities through shared experience of this fragility of freedom. Tracing family histories in the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond, the exhibition aims to educate around the history of the Holocaust and Antisemitism, but also to encourage others to reflect on their own experiences and tell their own stories. 

This exhibition has ten anonymous story contributors. It is a sign of the fragility of freedom for Jews even today that it was felt best to present their stories anonymously.

By telling these stories the exhibition aims to encourage education about the Holocaust, something that is on the decline. A key part of the project was working with some of our partner schools, who were invited to share some of their pupils’ responses to learning about the Holocaust. We would like to thank the following schools for their contributions to the exhibition:

Belmont Castle Academy; Cliffe Woods Primary School; Peareswood Primary School; Plumbcroft Primary School; Shooters Hill Sixth Form College

Project Team: Sophie Beard, Ashley Brett, Louis Dawn, Kian-Rhys Evans, Alexander Guschanski, Marc Hawkey, Nicole Lee, Gedminte Mikulenaite, Michael Talbot, Rachel Tidnam, David Waterworth and Rachel Wolfendale.

Please follow the link below for the post about this exhibition on the main University of Greenwich website