The Landscapists

Ed Wall, Emma Colthurst, Alexis Liu

  • 18th May - 18th June 2021
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

An exhibition of inventive landscape works by leading artists, designers, and researchers, including:
Harry Bix; Luis Callejas and Charlotte Hansson; Emma Colthurst; James Corner; Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman; Drawing Architecture Studio; Larissa Fassler; Alexis Liu; Tiago Torres‐Campos; SCAPE; and Ed Wall.

Who designs our worlds? What practices are employed as contemporary landscapes are produced? The Landscapists exhibition sets out that landscapes are made and remade through interrelations between people and the worlds around them – from geographers investigating the lives of urban wastelands to landscape architects projecting future cities, and from migrants navigating border systems to artists working with local residents. In contrast to tendencies to emphasise the physical forms of landscapes, with their potential to be redesigned and represented in drawings, the exhibition brings to the forefront the social structure of landscapes by focusing on a range of critical practices and daily actions. As conventional frames of landscape are challenged, other ways of measuring, mapping, imagining, designing, building and occupying them are revealed. For centuries, artists and designers have represented landscapes of power in paintings and have transformed them through their design proposals. But in recent years, a number of researchers, designers, artists and activists have explored an expanded field of landscape, investigating populations fleeing conflict zones, reimagining cities facing ecological challenges, questioning territorial claims, and critiquing processes of urbanisation. 

Valley Project, Ed Wall (Project Studio)
Valley Project, Ed Wall (Project Studio). Image Credit: Ed Wall and Emma Colthurst.

The Landscapists exhibition is curated by Ed Wall, Emma Colthurst and Alexis Liu. It has developed from discourses and contributions to The Landscapists: Redefining Landscape Relations, an issue of Architectural Design, that was published by Wiley in 2020, and was guest-edited by Ed Wall. 

Please Note: The number of visitors in the gallery will be restricted due to COVID 19 measures. For this reason, you are advised to pre-book your visit using the link below. Walk-in access to the gallery will only be available if pre-booked slots have not been taken. All visitors are requested to wear masks (unless exempt) and observe social distancing measures.

The Landscapists

The Landscapists exhibition presents the works of researchers, designers, artists and activists whose lives encompass a diverse range of practices, brought together through their critical redefinition of landscape relations.