• 20th - 28th Mar 2019
  • Project Space

Stories is an exhibition of photographic work by students studying at University of Greenwich and North Kent College.

Throughout the 20th century, photography became increasingly associated with its capacity to ‘tell the truth’; and up until the start of the new millennium, the photographic document held a privileged place within the arts because of this. Since the popularisation of the digital camera and various image editing tools that ensued, attitudes towards photography have changed. Today, the photographic image not only shows us what has been but also what could have been, or even what should have been. In this respect, photography produces fictions, it paints pictures of reality, and it makes up stories that encourage us to dream, to wonder and to look inwards at ourselves. Today photography refocuses our attention back onto the creative power of photographic images themselves.

For this project, students were invited to think about story-telling from a range of critical and creative perspectives. Fictions, myths, phantasy, truth, lies, make-believe, wishes, dreams, histories, memory, ruins, journeys, autobiographies, childhoods, politics, documents, narratives, fairytales and more, were discussed and used as starting points for creative exploration and imaging. Not unlike ourselves, all images have a story; the work on show here invites you to enter into those stories and reflect on what they have to say.

The exhibition is open March 20th – 28th | Free

Private View March 22nd, 6-9pm | All Welcome