Stockwell Depot 1967 – 79 | Featured in A World To Win |

Sam Cornish

  • 27th August 2015
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Heritage Gallery

Article by A World To Win By Corinna Lotz – 27 August 2015
Including an Interview with Sam Cornish

“The relatively obscure but significant Stockwell Depot group changed the history of art in Britain during a turbulent period”



The story of how these more than 26 sculptors and painters came together can be traced back to the St Martin’s School of Art’s sculpture department. In 1967, Roland Brener, Roeluf Louw and David Evison, all of whom had close connections to St Martin’s, needed somewhere to spread their wings.

“Sam Cornish and co-curator David Waterworth have now assembled 22 key works by Stockwell Depot artists in Greenwich University’s scattered exhibition spaces, accompanied by a magnificent book. Together they reveal a pioneering movement which changed the history of art in Britain during a time of social, political and aesthetic upheaval… Read More




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