Spatial Materialities

  • 4th - 21st October 2021
  • Heritage Gallery
Photograph (detail): Acacia Diana

A solo exhibition of photographic works by Acacia Diana

Spatial Materialities explores spaces and structures through their most fundamental visual language. Images are framed in isolation or in singular perspective, to focus on the aspects that inform user experience with design cues. This collection extends a deeper appreciation for the visual enhancements of architecture, some often overlooked, that aids in informing identities, styles and histories. Certain elements are accentuated in bright, vibrant hues to draw viewers to the essential language of form and arrangement, to awaken child-like curiosity and wonder. The subjects, captured over the span of several years, archive the photographer’s growth and architectural comprehension over the years.


Acacia Diana is a photographer and designer who specialises in producing architecture and travel visuals. An enthusiastic advocate of exploring the world, cultures, and environment, she has worked with numerous global brands to create and curate beautiful images. She also does documentary work for international NGOs and refugee aids. She is a Canon EOS Youth Ambassador, and a graduate of Masters in Architecture from the University of Greenwich.

Instagram: @acaciadiana

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