Sound/Image 2022 Exhibition

Mhairi Vari and David Waterworth

  • 18th Nov - 16th Dec 2022
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Project Space

Held in association with the University of Greenwich Sound/Image Conference 2022, this exhibition is selected from an international field of audio-visual practitioners, working across a range of media including installation, VR, video and works on paper. The individual works presented touch gently upon space, emptiness, silence, brevity and decay, while they resonate together within the gallery spaces to create an interactive conceptual and experiential journey through sound.

Exhibitors and Works:

Project Space: Liam Dougherty (USA) A Renewed Commitment to Life and Decay, Always. This large-scale installation marries the audio and visual elements of a deconstructed piano. Susana Gomez Larannaga (UK), exhibits a series of prints. Andrea Oliver Roberts (Canada), whose work, Mirror for Recluses, is a sited audio installation (00:15), while Jan Swinburne (Canada) shows Internet Songlines, six, silent, video renders of spoken word.

Stephen Lawrence Gallery: Giacomo Fargion (UK), shows Sixty Miniatures, an experimental, electronic sound-with-video projection (60:00). Sean Russell Hallowell (USA), whose work, Composite Reflections, is a live, dual monitor audio-visual work with camera feed. Phill Wilson-Perkin (UK) exhibits This is Rock Solid [We Labour We Labour We Labour], three works on paper. Minato Sakamoto (Japan) presents Cooking Fields, an improvised soundscape composition (on video), while Rossella Schillaci‘s Surfacing (Portugal), is a VR documentary (20:00) and Mhairi Vari‘s work: Vast and Trunkless (UK) combines sculpture with audio.

In addition to the above works, two installations, Sound of Shapes, by David Stolz and Leila Alavitabar; and Bret Batteys Three Breaths in an Empty Space will be on view during the conference weekend (18-20 November). More details about these and the other conference events including performances, talks and workshops can be found via the links below.

More information about Sound/Image research and events from University of Greenwich can be found HERE

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