Sound/Image 2022 Installations

  • 18th Nov - 20th Nov
  • TBC
  • Project Space

In addition to the Sound/Image 2022 Exhibition works, two installations, Sound of Shapes, by Leila Alavitabar and David Stolz; and Bret Batteys Three Breaths in an Empty Space will be on view in the Film and Photography Studios during the conference weekend (18-20 November). More details about these and the other conference events including performances, talks and workshops can be found via the links below.

Sound of Shapes: From everyday orientation in the environment, to using language, to experiencing art – the linking of audiovisual stimuli to an experienced “object” is a central area of our perception. The interactive audiovisual installation “Sound of Shapes” aims to draw attention to this fascinating phenomenon. By interacting with the installation, visitors can explore their own perception.

Three Breaths in an Empty Space: Three Breaths in Empty Space is a contemplative audiovisual installation for two-screen-wide projection and quadrophonic sound. Phenomena arising and passing in Emptiness. Striated nerve patterns in the body-mind, Quantum foam on an invisible wave, Fragments of a vast nebula. Shimmering instabilities. Is this how essence hides? The work is also an homage to the composer Maurice Ravel, with the overall harmonic character derived from the opening of his piano work “Ondine” (1908). Additional spectral effects were applied to recorded excerpts of “Ondine”, plus renditions of slowed melodic fragments from the work arise at the peak of each of the three “breaths” in the video loop.

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