Sound/Image 2022 Conference

  • 18th Nov - 20th Nov 2022
  • TBC
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

The Greenwich SOUND/IMAGE Conference and Festival presents a series of exhibitions, workshops, talks and activities showcasing leading audio-visual art that investigates relationships between sound and image. The first SOUND/IMAGE Conference took place in 2015, inviting international world-leading artists to share their work and practice, in an open and accessible environment.

SOUND/IMAGE22 – Registration Open

18 – 20 November 2022, University of Greenwich

Concerts / Talks / Performances / Screenings / Installations / Workshops

This audiovisual festival brings together international artists and experts exploring the relationship between sounds and images, and the images which sounds can construct by themselves.

From over 430 submissions, we have curated a rich programme of complementary talks, screenings, loudspeaker orchestra concerts, and performances – bringing together composers, filmmakers, electronic musicians, live visual performers, researchers from all over the world to stimulate discussion, debate and engage diverse perspectives and new insights on sound and audiovisual practice.


We are delighted to welcome the following featured artists as special guests:


As part of a special addition to this year’s festival we are delighted to offer unique workshops to build your creative skills with leading professionals:

Workshop One 

Saturday 19 November 2022, 10am-6pm

“The Expressive Voice” / w. Nina Hartstone & Trevor Wishart

Expanding your creative insight into the articulation of the human voice. This unique two-part workshop brings together two world leading specialists in working creatively with the human voice.

In the morning session, Trevor Wishart will lead a workshop on vocal articulation and extended vocal techniques. You’ll create and articulate expressive sounds giving tactile and tangible understanding of the range and power of vocal expression.

In the afternoon session, Nina Hartstone provides insights on her approaches to dialogue editing and the creative choices she makes to sculpt the human voice and vocal articulations to powerful cinematic effect.

Suitable for sound editors and production sound professionals as well as composers working in electronic and electroacoustic music.

Trevor Wishart is a British composer famed for his use of the voice and extended vocal techniques.

Nina Hartstone is an Oscar wining Sound Editor specialising in dialogue editing and voice re-recording in film (ADR).

Workshop Two

Saturday 19 November 2022, 10am-6pm

“Location Sound and Place” / w. George Vlad and KMRU

Exploring our human relationship with space and place, this two-part workshop led by international artists George Vlad and KMRU, is ideal for those with a passion for sound recording and soundscape. In this workshop you will gain skills and insight from the complementary practices of these international artists. Ideal for location sound professionals, sound recordists, soundscape composers and those with an interest in collecting and using field recordings within their work.

In the morning session you will take part in sound recording and listening activities in and around Greenwich, building up skills in listening, attentiveness to place and sensitive microphone placement.

In the afternoon we will return to the sound lab, listen back to materials captured and discuss the approaches and techniques applied in the morning session.

George Vlad’s wildlife recordings from some of the worlds most remote places are sought after as samples and documents of the natural world.

KMRU’s work explores urban environments and natural soundscapes, weaving recordings into electronic tones and revealing new insights into the spaces we inhabit.

Special Guests:

George Vlad, KMRU, Nina Hartstone & Trevor Wishart

Featured Artists:

Aleksei Martyniuk /Alessandro Russo /Amanda Stuart /Andrea Oliver Roberts/ Andrew Knight-Hill/ Andrew Zhou/ Angela McArthur/ Bede Williams/ Bill Kinder/ Bret Battey/ Cameron Naylor/ Chris Speed/ David Henckel/ David Leister/ David Stolz/ Eduardo Loría/ Elisabet Dijkstra/ Ella Kay/ Elliot Simpson/ Emanuele Costantini/ Emma Margetson/ Enrico Dorigatti/ Giacomo Fargion/ Jan Swinburne/ Jérémie Martineau/ Jeremy Welsh/ Jim Hobbs/ Jo Hyde/ João Castro Pinto/ Jorge Ramos/ Ivano Pecorini/ Lara Weaver/ Leila Alavitabar/ Liam Dougherty/ Lidia Zielinska/ Luke Madams/ Mandy Toderian/ Mariam Gviniashvili/ Mathieu Arsenault/ Maureen Wolloshin/ Mhairi Vari/ Michael Francis Duch/ Minato Sakamoto/ Misha Myers/ Myriam Boucher/ Panayiotis Kokoras/ Pauline Patie/ Phill Wilson-Perkin/ Phivos-Angelos Kollias/ Richard Whitby/ Rossella Schillaci/ Sara Caneva/ Sarah Keirle/ Sean Russell Hallowell/ Suzie Shrubb/ Vera Ivanova/ Véro Marengère/ Zacharias Wolfe

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