Paginations: Book Designs as Architectural Projects

Mike Aling

  • 22nd April - 18th May
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

The book – printed or otherwise – continues to be the architect’s most fertile and celebrated form of media output. This exhibition presents a wide range of rare books from the fields of Architecture, Art, Design and Literature, and explores how book design can be conceived as a type of architectural project – the book as an interplay of formal-material ideas and a manifestation of spatial concepts through graphic means.

Organised around three key themes, this exhibition investigates the book as an immersive space to be entered upon reading, the physical book as an architectural object, and speculates on the future possibilities of the architectural book. These themes are further sub-categorised through a utilisation of theories originating from studies in literature, design, media and comics.

Also exhibited are the book works of Mike Aling, with his ongoing architectural book design research praxis explored in relation to the themes of the show. Mike’s books are known in architectural circles for their challenging design languages, spatial qualities and sumptuous materialities. Mike Aling is the MArch Architecture Design Co-ordinator and Publications lead for the AVATAR research group at the University of Greenwich.

Exhibition review in “Quer” magazine