North Kent Photography – The Self

  • 30th January - 19th February
  • Project Space

A Photographic exhibition by Foundation Degree and BA (Hons) Photography students from North Kent College and The University of Greenwich.

Photography today is dominated by images of the self. We take more photos of ourselves than of anything else. The internet is awash with selfies and our phones are always on hand to snap a ‘pic’ to share with our friends.

Today images of the self play an important role in defining who we are, what we aspire to become and what we want others to believe about us.

But what is the self? And where does the idea that each of us have a unique self originate from? Are we born with a sense of being someone in particular? Or do we learn this at an early stage? Are we all some-one? Or are our selves multiple and divided? Is there always something about the self that resists representation, that hides from the camera’s eye?


Private View will take place on: 3rd February – 6.30pm
Location: 10 Stockwell Street – The Project Space.