Making Memories Matter

  • Extended until 19th January 2018
  • Heritage Gallery

An international exhibition by the European Reminiscence Network of Memory Boxes created by artists and older people in several countries.

Creating a life portrait is a two-way process in which the older person reflects back on his or her life history with the appointed artist and together they create a 3-D mini-installation, featuring significant people, places, objects and transitions. This exhibition offers examples of creative work across generations and cultures, with migration in all its forms as a central theme.

“Many of the people and places whose stories are told here have disappeared so that we need these small travelling stages and their narratives to save them from oblivion and inscribe them into the big book of European Memory.” (Eva Shulz-Jander)

Students of Drama and History will use the Memory Boxes in the exhibition as a source of inspiration for their work this term, with resulting performances, exhibitions and course work.