MA Digital Arts Degree Show

  • 18-25 September 2020
  • Project Space

MA Digital Arts, School of Design

Note: Due COVID 19 measures public access to this exhibition is restricted. See post (below) for further details.

The School of Design is pleased to announce the MA Degree Show for students graduating from the MA Digital Arts.  The exhibition is the culmination of 12 months of study where each postgraduate student has developed their practice exploring a wide variety of personal interests. Experimentation, technical skills and individual styles come together to form a diverse body of contemporary artworks ranging from video installations created using game engines to digital photography produced using microscopic cameras.    

Housed within the University’s Stockwell Street building, MA Digital Arts students are given the opportunity to utilize world-class facilities and are taught by academic staff and professional visiting artists within the field of Digital Arts.  Students are encouraged to experiment across a wide variety of media to help develop an appreciation of alternative approaches while honing specialised skills in their chosen area.   

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the physical exhibition is only open to visitors who have access to Stockwell Street Building.  Social distancing and PPE measures must be observed.  In order to provide wider access the exhibition, an online version will be made available to the general public.

Artists’ Statements:

Paul Rajbansh: With my work I try to engage the viewer emotionally and pensively, the experience should be thought provoking enough that you are left with a profound look at the universe you reside in.  It’s easy to get lost and forget you’re spinning on a rock in space. My goal is to try and get people to understand that we are finite beings in the Cosmos, not just parasites on a rock. 

Iulian Dumitrache: When it comes to my practice, I am interested in the immersive experiences that the digital realm has to offer. For this, I chose a gaming engine (Unreal Engine) as a space where I can experiment with digital scans (photogrammetry) and tackle the idea of abject beauty.