Lost and Found

Marko Jobst and Nic Clear

  • 14th - 29th April 2016
  • Heritage Gallery

The exhibition presents the work of Year 1 students from the Department of Architecture and Landscape, University of Greenwich. It was conceived in collaboration with the local historian Mary Mills and represents the first step in an ongoing project focused on the little known, and often industrial, heritage of Greenwich. The aim is to bring important spaces, buildings and histories to the attention of the general public, while also enabling the students to forge deeper connections with the area the University is situated in.


This year the students focused on a number of sites on the Greenwich peninsula that are under threat of disappearance, have been neglected and fallen into disrepair, or generally remain overlooked in favour of the more prominent royal histories of Greenwich. These include Enderby House, the site of the first transatlantic telegraph cable; The East Greenwich Library with its important role and uncertain future; the gas holder slated for demolition despite its importance for 19th century industrial and social histories; the infrastructure surrounding the Woolwich Road flyover; and examples of housing from different eras such as Orlop Street and Woodlands Grove.


The work exhibited focuses on photographic records and offers excerpts of student research on these subjects.

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