Instrumentalising Spaces: the IKO immersive loudspeaker

  • Wednesday 8th December 2021
  • 6 - 8 pm
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery
IKO Immersive Loudspeaker: Photo (2021) courtesy of Sound/Image research group

Angela McArthur and other members of the Sound/Image research group

Join Angela McArthur in discussion with composers Andrew Knight-Hill, Amit Dinesh Patel and featured artist Emma Margetson (currently in residence with the IKO). Hear about how they approached composing with the IKO, the technical or aesthetic realisations and challenges they faced along the way, and the impact that working with this unique system had on their process. This discussion prefaces the concert, which will feature works by all artists participating in the discussion.

6pm: Talk
7pm: Performance

This event is free but as it takes place in the gallery numbers are limited and registration is advised. Please use the link below to register.

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