Inspirational Muslim Women

  • 6th - 17th March
  • Heritage Gallery

For International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020 the History Research Group, supported by the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, will be holding an exhibition promoting the visibility of Muslim women working and studying at the University of Greenwich.

The theme of this year’s IWD 2020 is #EachforEqual with the tagline ‘challenge stereotypes, broaden perceptions, change situations’. Inspirational Muslim Women honours this theme by focusing on enlivening women, from both within the University and the wider public, nominated by students and staff of the university from both within the University and the wider public. Those nominated are showcased in the exhibition, which seeks to make the contributions of Muslim women to the University of Greenwich and wider society more visible.

The women featured in the exhibition are: Sharifa Yukubu; Rania Hafez, Poppy Jaman; Nudzejma Softic; Momina Ullah; Fatima al-Fihri; Gülden Sönmez; Khadlijah bint Khuwaylid; Tasnim Ali; Suhaiyma Manzoor-Khan; Halima Aden

Organising committee: Nazmin Akhtar, Parbina Begum, Claire Eustance, Vanessa Taylor, Charlotte Sowerby, Sara Pennell, Michael Talbot. With thanks to Gavin Rand and Zoe Pettit for funding the exhibition, and to David Waterworth for his support

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