In The Works

  • 2nd May - 15th June 2021
  • Project Space, Heritage Gallery

MA Digital Arts Interim Exhibition: Sanja Dudek, Eduard Fadgyas, Yi Ting Liong, Ashley Maclaughlin, Boris Nascimento, Mateo Monje Shefford, Megan Swaffer, Daniela Zaharieva

The School of Design is pleased to announce In The Works, an interim exhibition produced by our current MA Digital Arts students.  The title, In The Works, stems from the state of an artwork or idea that hovers between inception and completion, recognizing the importance of process and potential in a creative act.  As such, this show comes as a milestone marking the midway point of their postgraduate studies and is a means of examining recent works and testing out new ideas for future projects through more experimental means. A wide range of media will be shown including video, sound, animation, sculpture, print, installation, photography and digital drawing – all highlighting the diversity and individuality of approaches to the field of Digital Arts.  The show is located within two of the University of Greenwich’s art spaces – The Project Space and The Heritage Gallery.  Site 1: The Project Space will focus on the display of works created as part of Aesthetics & Practice, an 8-month module which allows students to develop their own body of work in response to a curated series of thematic seminars and workshops with visiting artists and academics*. Site 2: The Heritage Gallery is a more experimental space where students will be testing out their most recent ideas in the build-up to their final exhibition in September 2021.  

* Visiting artists and academics this year: Juliana Cerquiera Leite (USA), Chris Cornish (UK), Professor Jo-Anne Bichard (UK), Nadine Shcutz (FR), Fraser Muggeridge (UK), Dr. Akis Panousopolous (GR), and Peter Burr (USA)

 “I am incredibly proud of the work these students have done this year.  Their take on what Digital Arts means to them is very personalised, but also intellectually aware of the context in which they are making. The trajectory has been amazing and watching these guys grow as digital artists has been a humbling experience. I am also incredibly thankful to the entire staff within the School of Design who have helped teach/tutor/tech on this programme.  It seems we have managed to define the core and spirit of a Digital Arts programme which celebrates the strength of interdisciplinary approaches.”

– Jim Hobbs, MA Digital Arts Programme Leader

Housed within the University of Greenwich’s Stockwell Street Building, MA Digital Arts students are given the opportunity to utilize world-class facilities and are taught by academic staff and professional visiting artists within the field of Digital Arts.  The programme runs for one full calendar year giving students time and space to develop their specific interests, culminating in a final public exhibition. 

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Please Note: The number of visitors in the gallery will be restricted due to COVID 19 measures. You may have to wait to view the works. Please observe the information at the Stockwell Street building front lobby before accessing the exhibition.