Hidden in Plain Site

Veronica Slater and Litza Jansz

  • 5th March - 2nd April 2022
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

This multi-media exhibition examines the relationship between architectural sites and human trauma, hidden, buried, embedded in, and embodied by those sites.

The show uses painting, film, animation, sculpture and interactive installations to explore how, rather than offering us refuge and protection, buildings and architectural sites can cast shadows over our personal, interpersonal and psychological landscape in haunting and lasting ways.

This exhibition invites you to wander from site to site unearthing experiences, feelings and histories that have been overlaid, overlooked, constructed and concealed. Through these sites there are many surfacings. We move between the personal traumas housed behind the bricks and mortar of domestic spaces to the onslaught on memory, identity and community as regeneration projects reduce neighbourhoods to rubble. There is nothing safe in houses. We consider the omnipresence of buildings present or absent that insistently and threateningly keep us within their sight and we show how even the nature we escape to is just another constructed site culturally containing and constraining us in an endless replay of preordained ways of being.

Participating exhibitors

Veronica Slater, Litza Jansz, Chila Kumari Burman, John Smith, Esther Neslen, Mandy Eugeniou.

This exhibition is co-curated by Veronica Slater (Website / Instagram / Twitter) and Litza Jansz (Website)

To read a review by Dr Craig Jordan-Baker, click here.

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