Future Cities 7 “Atmospheres”

Department of Architecture and Landscape

  • 13th April - 5th May
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Future Cities 7 is the seventh AVATAR (Advanced Virtual And Technological Architectural Research) conference and exhibition hosted by the Department of Architecture and Landscape at the University of Greenwich. It builds on the success of the previous 6 Future Cities, which have been international, cross-industry, multi-disciplinary events. Each year they explore pressing architectural issues related to the challenges faced by megacities, the architectural discipline and pedagogical challenges in an increasingly technologically advanced, yet resource-constrained world. This year the theme centers on ‘Atmospheres” and asks what conflicts in architectural and urban design offer and how it is possible to work with such tensions creatively. It also raises questions about how we may deal with the nature of ecology, urban environments and an increasingly global society – which are all composed of many different, often contradictory bodies.

The exhibition features the architectural work of speakers at the FC 7 conference being held on the 13th April 2018

Exhibitors include: Simon Withers, Professor Neil Spiller, Mike Aling (University of Greenwich) Professor Nic Clear (University of Huddersfield), Dr Mark Morris (Architectural Association)

There will be a complementary exhibition in the project space featuring international architectural work featured in the upcoming AD “Celebrating the Marvellous- Surrealism in Architecture” guest edited by Professor Neil Spiller- which is published at the end of March 2018


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