For Walls with Tongues

Carol Kenna and Steve Lobb

  • 10th May - 2nd June 2019
  • Project Space

This exhibition of street murals from 1966 to 1985 reveals the influence of muralists on the expansion of art in public spaces since the 60s and presents their lives and experiences through oral history. It celebrates the history of the mural movement in the United Kingdom and its influence on 20th-century culture, largely overlooked by the art establishment and historians.

In 1960s Britain, artists produced a profusion of street murals that became a backdrop for local celebrations, encouraging a sense of place and expressing local pride. Many muralists saw their work as part of the wider Community Arts movement, using their skills to facilitate social reform and develop radical alternatives to Gallery Art. At around the same time, external murals were appearing across the world. In the USA, in particular, neighbourhood murals gave voice to people’s aspirations.

For Walls with Tongues is compiled and curated by Greenwich Mural Workshop, a seminal arts organisation based in Greenwich.

Open 10 May – 2 June 2019 | Monday to Sunday, 10 am – 5 pm

Free seminar: Tuesday 14 May, 1 pm – 5 pm | Reserve your place here

The seminar will include presentations by artists who pioneered this form of street art followed by a discussion.

An exhibition by:

Stephen Lobb & Carol Kenna of Greenwich Mural Workshop

Rib Davis – oral history

Ben Wiedel-Kaufman – researcher

Volunteer interviewers: Maya Finkelstein Amrami, Dr Hazel Atashroo, Catherine Ireland Farren, Emma Middleton-Stirling. | This National Arts and Heritage project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.