Vaughan Oliver – Where Is My Mind? | Featured in Design Week |

Nic Clear

  • 8th March 2016
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Project Space

“In the show you’ll get to see my processes and how different it was when I started out to how people work today; everything was a lot more hands on,” says Oliver.



We catch up with Vaughan Oliver to find out about what it was like to design for the Pixies and work so closely with them ahead of a new exhibition

The doors have been opened on graphic designer and art director Vaughan Oliver’s first major exhibition exploring his long-term collaboration with US alt-rock band the Pixies. Oliver designed the album art for all five of the Pixies’ studio albums as well as EPs and special editions working closely with the band and other collaborators.

The designer has come to be known for an abrasive and direct graphic style cultivated by using unconventional and experimental techniques.

The exhibition – which is being hosted by Greenwich University, where Oliver now teaches graphic design – has been curated by Nic Clear, who is head of architecture at the university….Read More



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