Drawing Towards Sound: Visualising the Sonic

David Ryan (Reader in Fine Art, Anglia Ruskin University)

  • 4th Mar – 2nd Apr 2015
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Project Space

Images: Anton Lukosevieze “Score” (2005)

This exhibition examines the interface between the visual and the aural through notation, documentation, performance and video/moving image. Each of these aspects are currently being explored from many different perspectives by contemporary composers, musicians, visual artists, and film/videographers. Its basic starting point is the historical graphic score/new notational practices of the modernist avant-garde and how sound is captured and communicated. Most famous here, is John Cage and Alison Knowles’ 1968 collection Notations and the recent update Notations 21 (2009) by Theresa Sauer. While the Highlights will include a complete performance of Cornelius Cardew’s 1960s graphic score Treatise, a visit and workshop performance by American experimentalist composer Alvin Curran (b.1938), and a rare chance to see UK performer Anton Lukoszevieze’s drawings and films, as well as Icelandic sound artist Hallveig Agústsdóttir’s drawing performances. It will position ‘classic’ experimental notations – such as Cage and Boulez – with the output of contemporary composers and visual artists. Also featuring, amongst many others, Aura Satz, Jennifer Walshe, Marianthi Paplexandri-Alexandri, Laura Buckley, Helen Pett’s exploration of performances on video, Vicki Bennett’s (People Like Us) collaged films, as well as Richard Hoadley’s interactive notations with dance/live performers, Simon Payne’s abstract exploration of vision and sound, and Neil Henderson’s evocative portrait of Evan Parker.

Hallveig Agústsdóttir / Sam Belinfante / Vicki Bennett / Carl Bergstrom-Nielsen / Pierre Boulez / Earle Brown / George Brecht / James Brooks / Laura Buckley / John Cage / Cornelius Cardew / Alvin Curran / Tom Dale / Morton Feldman / Vinko Globokar / Christophe Guiraud / Roman Haubenstock-Ramati / Neil Henderson / Richard Hoadley / Joan Key / Catherine Konz / John Lely / Michelle Lewis-King / Anestis Logothetis / Onyee Lo / Anton Lukoszevieze / Farah Mulla / Rie Nakajima / Luigi Nono / Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri / Michael Parsons / Simon Payne / Helen Petts / Lauren Redhead / Aura Satz / Thomas Smetryns / Jennifer Walshe / John Wollaston / Christian Wolff / Iannis Xenakis

Related Events & Exhibitions

  • Curator’s Lecture – Drawing Towards: Sound Visualising the Sonic

    • 5th March 2015
    • 6.30 pm
    • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

    Drawing Towards Sound curator, David Ryan (photo, left) introduces the themes of the exhibition. This talk takes place in the Tessa Blackstone Lecture Theatre and is part of the Hawksmoor series of public lectures.

  • Ian Mitchell, David Ryan and Friends: Visual Scores, Old & New

    • 18th March 2015
    • 6.30 pm
    • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

    Ian Mitchell and David Ryan perform graphic scores, including a new score by composition students at Trinity Laban. This event is being held in association with the current exhibition “Drawing Towards Sound, Visualising the Sonic”.

  • Richard Hoadley – ‘Semaphore’

    • 20th March 2015
    • 6.30 pm
    Richard Hoadley: "Semaphore" in performance.

    Performance and interactive project with dance and musicians – TV Studio, Stockwell Street Building. This event is held in association with the exhibition “Drawing Towards Sound: Visualising the Sonic”.

  • Noise Colloquium

    • 21st - 22nd Mar 2015
    • 11:00am - 9:00pm Saturday; 11:30am - late Sunday
    Noise Colloquium

    Including Nic Collins and David Toop in conversation, performances by Andrew Hill, Alice Eldridge and Rie Nakajima, a workshop by Dirty Electronics, plus keynote presentations by Steve Kennedy and Atau Tanaka, this event explores noise as a concept that embraces the expressive, the idea of noise as a resistance and, through mutating repetition, a catalyst for creative production.

  • Cornelius Cardew: Treatise

    • 25th March 2015
    • 6.30pm
    • Stephen Lawrence Gallery
    Cornelius Cardew: Treatise

    A complete performance of Cornelius Cardew’s “Treatise”.
    This event takes place in the University of Greenwich Stockwell Street Building’s first floor studio “Crit Pit” and is being held in association with the exhibition”Drawing Towards Sound: Visualising the Sonic” curated by David Ryan

  • Anton Lukoszevieze – performance and screening

    • 27th March 2015
    • 6.30 pm
    • Stephen Lawrence Gallery
    Anton Lukoszevieze

    Internationally renowned cellist, Lukoszevieze, performs a programme of works, some in conjunction with film.
    This event is part of the exhibition: Drawing Towards Sound: Visualising the Sonic” curated by David Ryan