• 10th September - 7th October
  • Project Space

ECLAS 17 Poster (detail)

Creation/Reaction presents design and research works from students and staff of the landscape and urbanism programmes at the University of Greenwich.

The works span the last five years, during which time: we have reconceived the programmes to give a greater emphasis to design; we have opened up questions of what landscape is in relation to cities and wider territories; and we have developed new relations with colleagues within and outside the university, in particular through the formation of the Department of Architecture and Landscape. In so doing, we have drawn closer connections between conceptualising projects and realising them through construction details, we have integrated our history and theory teaching and we have further fostered close professional relationships with organisations such as the Landscape Institute and the Royal Parks.

The exhibition represents the immense work and ambitions of the students and staff to advance the design, theories and technologies of landscape. This work is focused through inventive design projects that aim to inform the forefront of contemporary landscape architecture and urbanism. The students and staff are concerned with critical issues of urban development, gentrification, democracy, environment, migration, ecologies, planting, materials and technologies. The exhibition merely presents moments of projects, representing months and years of work that is grounded in intense research, theorised in writing and resolved through technical details.