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Closed for Install

Monday, March 26th, 2018

The Stephen Lawrence Gallery is currently closed while we install our forthcoming exhibition Keep the Door of My Lips.

Curated by Andrew King and Connie Gallagher, this exhibition explores the continuing impact of Victorian ideas about work.

Featuring research by Professor Andrew King and artworks from Catherine Hoffman, Emmanuelle Loiselle, Sarm Miccichè & ‘Home is not My Home’ by Dr Joyce Jiang, Tassia Kobylinska & The Voice of Domestic Workers.

Opening Thursday 11 July. More info soon on this website.

Noise 2

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Iain Sinclair

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016



The eighth in the 2016-17 series of Hawksmoor public lectures.

Nicholas Hawksmoor and ‘The Man of the Crowd’: Watchfulness and Agitation Around the Pattern of East London Churches

A consideration of the presence of the Hawksmoor churches, as referenced by Charles Dickens and others, against the figure of the restless urban wanderer located in Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Man in the Crowd’.

Iain Sinclair is a British writer, documentarist, film maker, poet, flaneur, metropolitan prophet and urban shaman, keeper of lost cultures and futurologist. His books include Lud Heat (1975), Suicide Bridge (1979), Lights out for the Territory (1997), London Orbital (2002), Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire (2009), and London Overground: A Day’s Walk around the Ginger Line (2015).

We are the Institution : On Contemporary Museums

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

Richard Martin Lecture Poster - Designer: Mike Aling

Richard Martin Lecture Poster – Designer: Mike Aling

The third in the 2016-17 series of Hawksmoor public lectures.

What do we want from museums today? How might the spaces and programmes of the museum reflect shifting political and social concerns? What role can architecture play in creating and engaging museum visitors? This talk considers the role of museums in the twenty-first century, examining a range of current and emerging practices, including personal curatorial projects. It also assesses the work of leading artists, architects and film-makers, including Andrea Fraser and Hito Steyerl, who have critiqued and re-imagined the space and purpose of museums.

Dr. Richard Martin is a writer, curator and lecturer who works at the intersections of art, architecture and film. He is the author of The Architecture of David Lynch (Bloomsbury, 2014), and writes for a range of magazines and journals. He has taught at Birkbeck and Middlesex University, and is currently a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries at King’s College London. He is also a Public Programmer at Tate, where he curates projects for the new Tate Exchange platform. More details on his work can be found here.