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Wednesday, May 1st, 2024

London, [18/05/2024] – Javier Galera’s debut solo exhibition, ‘Aquascaping’, presents an intimate portrayal of Shadwell’s local community. Born in Ibiza, Spain, Galera offers a unique perspective, drawing parallels between his Mediterranean roots and the dynamic urban enclave of Shadwell.

Galera’s authentic approach as a documentarian seamlessly integrates him into Shadwell’s society, capturing candid moments that reflect the community’s intimacy and resilience, and raising a comparison of contrast between the artist’s concepts of ‘reefs’ and ‘fishtanks’. Influenced by renowned artists such as Boogie, Martin Parr, Juergen Teller, Nan Goldin, and Larry Clark, Galera’s work delves into underground culture, showcasing the diverse tapestry of Shadwell’s inhabitants.

‘Aquascaping’ invites viewers to immerse themselves in Galera’s world, where photographs merge seamlessly with objects, creating an immersive tableau of urban life. Galera’s vision transcends mere representation, offering viewers a deeper understanding of the community’s coexistence.

New Coasts

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

Students from Unit C, Masters of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism at University of Greenwich, have curated an exhibition of their in-progress designs. Projects explore the coastal landscapes of Landguard Point, Felixstowe, and they question what is lost and gained as these landscapes go through designed and unplanned change. 

Helena Rivera and Ed Wall have worked with students over the last three years in Unit C, developing techniques of making tapestries to tell stories of landscapes going through change.

The tapestries are layered to portray complex urbanizing landscapes of infrastructures, processes and operations. Their three dimensions reveal spatial forms and sectional thickness. And their multiple scales connect human interactions with material, political and more-than-human contexts.

The New Coasts exhibition presents a curated work-in-progress through tapestry prototypes and working drawings. Students develop individual projects through generous collective practices. Their endeavours build on three years of in-depth research, design experiments, and evolving discourse between students and tutors in Unit C. 

The landscapes going through change that students have examined over the last three years include those told through myths and land injustice (2021/22), future coasts and climate (2022/23) and working coastal landscapes (2023/24). 

The tapestries are thick and heavy, designed to be hung, and read as narratives that connect specific histories of places with designed futures. They tell stories of everyday landscapes, challenged by processes of shifting sands, complete urbanisation, rising sea levels, extractive dredging and global container ports, layered with extraordinary designs of more equitable, shared and possible futures. 


Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Marginalia – Paintings and Works on Paper

Vince Briffa often thinks of his work as an ongoing book, where each work, like a mark, a note or a thought made in its margins, adds a new layer of reflection and meaning to the organic and entwining flow of narrative of the main text. Although hardly considered marginal, this distinctive activity in the margins is mainly defined by its relation to the main text, since the margins are perceived as the excess, at the periphery and surrounding it. Margins also define the physical limits of the book, and yet too frequently, the habitability of the margins through writing and other marks is perceived as simple observations or notes, being less valuable and with little to no influence on the main book.

The works in the exhibition are therefore marginalia extracted from a current chapter, in themselves in a state of becoming, that dialogically contribute and become one with Briffa’s current narrative concerning the interdependence of form, paint, colour, materials and gesture, and anything else in between.

Vince Briffa is an artist working in drawing, painting, sculpture, video and installation. He is a tenured Professor of Art at the University of Malta. His work has been exhibited in numerous prestigious venues including the Malta Pavilion, Venice Art Biennale, 1999 and 2019; Pierides Museum, Cyprus; Palais des Nations, Switzerland; Museum of Modern Art, Liechtenstein; Casoria Museum, Naples; Villa Manin Contemporary Art, Italy; MAC, Argentina; Palais Liechtenstein, Austria; Museum of Fine Arts, Romania and Museum of Modern Art, Israel amongst others. His work forms part of many local and international private and public collections. (


Arts Council Malta

The University of Greenwich

Quick Turtle Transport

Thomas Smith Insurance


Friday, November 10th, 2023

 ‘Audacious, subversive even’ – The Guardian ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ 

‘One of the most striking events in the LIFT 2022’ – Time Out

Lumen Prize 2023 Winner

IndieCade Live Action Award Nominee

In RADIO GHOST, you are a ghost-hunter, broadcasting your journey as you reach through portals into the far-away dimensions of a haunted Mall. You and your team of hunters will have to blend in as perfect shoppers to unlock ghost stories, in this mission that is part walking game, part interactive radio show and part ghost-hunt.


For further details on the projects, check the ZU-UK website.

For further information about the Sound/Image 2023 visit here.

The Centre for Creative Futures and the Sound & Image Festival at the University of Greenwich present Within Touching Distance, Binaural Dinner Date and Radio Ghost in partnership with the Institute for Inclusive Communities & Environments