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Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

After a pause from on-site exhibitions due to the pandemic, Back To Light brings together work created by young people on current and past eye4change projects.

eye4change is a charitable organisation and a specialist provider of photography programmes that combine technical skills with creativity.  Working with people of all ages and abilities, particularly young people, workshops are tailored to a wide range of participants’ needs and aspirations. 

Back To Light interweaves perspectives, perceptions and the bold presence of each young photographer as they navigate the world through their unique lens.  Reflecting back aspects of their lives, thoughts, hopes and dreams; themes of belonging, identity and their current reality are represented and brought to light.

FEEDING MARS: M.A.R.S. Mars Aquaponic Research Study

Friday, February 18th, 2022

A pilot study investigating the potential for growing fish and vegetables on Mars

This exhibition showcases a live experiment growing vegetables, herbs and fruits in Martian simulant soils, using fish effluents from an aquaponic system as fertilizer. Life on Earth is vulnerable to extinction, as evidenced by the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This may be caused by a large meteorite hitting the Earth, or potentially by nuclear Armageddon. NASA and other space agencies are discussing the possibility of creating settlements on the Moon as well as on Mars that could potentially provide continuity of human life, if life on Earth were to be destroyed.

Whilst this scenario is deeply gloomy, it provides an opportunity for artists and scientists to envisage how humans might survive on other planets. The University of Greenwich has been working on the co-production of fish and vegetables in aquaponic systems since 2014, and the FEEDING MARS project provides an opportunity to do the science and at the same time allow visitors to get a glimpse of future food production technology on Earth and in Space.

There will be Martians, but they will be human and they will eat fresh fish and veg.

Dr Benz Kotzen – 1IC, Principal Investigator of Project, School of Design

Dr Sarah Milliken – 2IC, Co-Investigator of Project, Research Fellow, School of Design

Dr Marcos Paradelo Perez – 1IC, Soils and Experimental Design, Fellow in Soils, Natural Resources Institute (NRI)

Lorenzo Fruscella – PhD student in soil based aquaponics in the School of Design

Kam Rehal – 1IC Exhibition Designer

Emmanouil Kanellos – 2IC Exhibition Designer

Dr Andrew Knight-Hill (SOUND/IMAGE Research Group) 1IC Sound Designer


Emma Margetson & Brona Martin (SOUND/IMAGE Research Group): sound design and installation; Eden Malik: exhibition design and installation.

Thank you to the Film/TV and Workshop technical support teams for their assistance during installation.


Monday, September 6th, 2021

/sanja_dudek /eduard_fadgyas /yi_ting_liong /ashley_macLaughlin /mateo_monje_shefford /boris nascimento /megan_swaffer /daniela_zaharieva

The School of Design is pleased to present /unreel, an exhibition produced by our MA Digital Arts students 2021. /unreel is dedicated to creating other-worldly places and presenting abstract artforms, whilst questioning their artificiality and subjective perspectives. The artists take over the space through the hybridisation of the physical and the virtual. Each work holds a distinct outlook on its relations to the spaces inhabited by the supremacy of digitisation, contributing to the entity of the exhibition. A wide range of media will be shown including video, sound, animation, sculpture, print, installation, projection, and digital drawing – all highlighting the diversity and individuality of approaches to the field of Digital Arts.  The show is located within two of the University of Greenwich’s art spaces – The Project Space and The Stephen Lawrence Gallery. Both spaces will focus on the display of works created as part of the Major Project, an 8-month independent study module led by research and practice, allowing for a full development of individual interest within the field of Digital Arts.

 “Special thanks to Jim Hobbs, Sarah Macdonald, Dr. Andrew Knight-Hill, Dr. Richard Whitby and all the visiting lecturers and practicing artists we have had the pleasure of speaking to. Your work and your words have influenced each one of us in great ways and that has shaped exciting paths for us. We would not be where we are today without your support. ” –  MA Digital Arts 2021 Crew

Housed within the University of Greenwich’s Stockwell Street Building, MA Digital Arts students are given the opportunity to utilise world-class facilities and are taught by academic staff and professional visiting artists within the field of Digital Arts.  The programme runs for one full calendar year giving students time and space to develop their specific interests, culminating in a final public exhibition.  See link below for more information.

Please Note: The number of visitors in the gallery will be restricted due to COVID 19 measures. You may have to wait to view the works. Please observe the information at the Stockwell Street building front lobby before accessing the exhibition.

Sign up below to attend the Private View on Wednesday 22 September

Thanks to Three Legs Brewing Co. for helping make the private view go with a bang.

School of Design Show 2021

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Visit our showcase exhibition and see a range of work on display from our students graduating in Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urbanism, Graphic Design & Animation, Media, Film and Television.

The students this year have produced work full of fearless experimentation in the face of incredible challenges. They display wit, ingenuity and imagination in what they have achieved. Out of the chaos and uncertainty these creative individuals have found possibility and the freedom to experiment. The challenge of chaos was compounded by not being able to physically inhabit the creative space for much of the year – but that has not stopped them allow their talent and potential emerge.

We can see this year, more than ever, that the School of Design continues to go from strength to strength. This show attests to its growing reputation and standing as a creative institution of national and international standing. We urge you to come and share with us the exciting results of our students’ success. Celebrate these achievements with us.

COVID-19 and social distancing considerations

Venue capacity restrictions remain in place for the safety of all visitors and booking is essential.

Please book your ticket for one of the specified 2-hour timeslots, making sure to enter no earlier than your ticket start time and depart no later than the ticket end time. This is a self-guided tour – please feel free to explore the exhibition at your own pace within your 2-hour timeslot.

1 ticket per person, per timeslot. Each additional visitor must have their own ticket. Upon arrival, please check-in to Stockwell Street Library reception.