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Archive for the ‘Heritage Gallery’ Category

An Elizabethan Progress

Monday, March 26th, 2018

An Elizabethan Progress is a group photographic project, based on tracing the route of tunnelled sections of London’s new Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) at surface level. The aim is to photograph places and happenings, which are linked by Crossrail in the tunnels below.

Project participants include Philip Brown, Michael Colman, Hilary Everett, Mo Greig, Lorraine Grey, Anila Hussain, John Kelly, Greg Lambert, Susi Luard, Dee Mistry, Wendy Nowak, Norman Smith, Val Straw, Anne Roache, Romney Tansley and Michael Turner.

Making Memories Matter

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

An international exhibition by the European Reminiscence Network of Memory Boxes created by artists and older people in several countries.

Creating a life portrait is a two-way process in which the older person reflects back on his or her life history with the appointed artist and together they create a 3-D mini-installation, featuring significant people, places, objects and transitions. This exhibition offers examples of creative work across generations and cultures, with migration in all its forms as a central theme.

“Many of the people and places whose stories are told here have disappeared so that we need these small travelling stages and their narratives to save them from oblivion and inscribe them into the big book of European Memory.” (Eva Shulz-Jander)

Students of Drama and History will use the Memory Boxes in the exhibition as a source of inspiration for their work this term, with resulting performances, exhibitions and course work.


Street Fans

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Held in partnership with the Fan Museum, Greenwich, this exhibition displays the work of two of a number of street and graffiti artists, commissioned to design fans by the Fan Museum.

Street artists Butch Atti and Lily Mixe will make new works in situ in the Heritage Gallery on 20th and 21st September. Visitors are invited to come and see them work. The resulting wall paintings will remain on exhibition until 14 October.

In addition the Fan Museum is holding three fan making workshops at the Heritage Gallery starting at 12:00; 13:30 and 15:00. Places are limited to 15, so pre-booking via Eventbright is essential.

Further activities and exhibitions are being held across Greenwich as part of this project. For more details please go to the Fan Museum website.

Liminal Matters – an exhibition by Lizzie Cannon

Monday, August 28th, 2017

In Transition (2015-17) Found object, hand embroidery with beads and polyester thread 185 x 95 x 90 cm

Lizzie Cannon is currently working in association with the Greenwich Maritime Centre and Totally Thames Festival towards the exhibition ‘Liminal Matter’, during which the artist will be resident in the Heritage Gallery between the 31st August and 8th September.

The exhibition will explore the notion of ‘Liminal Matter’ in relation to the constantly shifting dynamic of the shore and its material. Working with objects washed up by the River Thames and the North Sea, Cannon creates subtle interventions which tap into their delicate transitory state.  Her needle and thread mirrors the rhythmic action of the waves as she mimics the gradual accumulation of rust and organic matter by laboriously stitching together clusters of tiny beads. Alluding to processes of regeneration and acts of preservation, Cannon investigates the shifting territory between artefact and debris, functional and aesthetic, and cultural and biological.