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FEEDING MARS: M.A.R.S. Mars Aquaponic Research Study

Friday, February 18th, 2022

A pilot study investigating the potential for growing fish and vegetables on Mars

This exhibition showcases a live experiment growing vegetables, herbs and fruits in Martian simulant soils, using fish effluents from an aquaponic system as fertilizer. Life on Earth is vulnerable to extinction, as evidenced by the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This may be caused by a large meteorite hitting the Earth, or potentially by nuclear Armageddon. NASA and other space agencies are discussing the possibility of creating settlements on the Moon as well as on Mars that could potentially provide continuity of human life, if life on Earth were to be destroyed.

Whilst this scenario is deeply gloomy, it provides an opportunity for artists and scientists to envisage how humans might survive on other planets. The University of Greenwich has been working on the co-production of fish and vegetables in aquaponic systems since 2014, and the FEEDING MARS project provides an opportunity to do the science and at the same time allow visitors to get a glimpse of future food production technology on Earth and in Space.

There will be Martians, but they will be human and they will eat fresh fish and veg.

Dr Benz Kotzen – 1IC, Principal Investigator of Project, School of Design

Dr Sarah Milliken – 2IC, Co-Investigator of Project, Research Fellow, School of Design

Dr Marcos Paradelo Perez – 1IC, Soils and Experimental Design, Fellow in Soils, Natural Resources Institute (NRI)

Lorenzo Fruscella – PhD student in soil based aquaponics in the School of Design

Kam Rehal – 1IC Exhibition Designer

Emmanouil Kanellos – 2IC Exhibition Designer

Dr Andrew Knight-Hill (SOUND/IMAGE Research Group) 1IC Sound Designer


Emma Margetson & Brona Martin (SOUND/IMAGE Research Group): sound design and installation; Eden Malik: exhibition design and installation.

Thank you to the Film/TV and Workshop technical support teams for their assistance during installation.

Food For Thought Memoirs

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Food for Thoughts Memoirs is about generational stories through food, it is not about the ingredients, but different interpretations of the variety of fruits and vegetables shared between the Caribbean, Europe, Indian, China and above all African.  It is about the different ways they are cooked, labelled, and remembered.   It is about memories of yesterday and before, here and now and tomorrow and beyond.

This exhibition will encourage conversation between ages, races and genders because food is one of many things, we have in common other than but not excluding slavery.

From the middle of the 15th to the end of 19th century the Atlantic slave trade brought African slaves to British, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish colonies in the Americas, including the Caribbean.   Their lives contributed to the wealth and development of Europe and after emancipation people travelled from and to the Caribbean Islands.

Traditional African foods brought over to the Caribbean   included okra, black eyed peas, saltfish, ackee, mangos, kidney beans and rice, vegetables and fruits native to the Caribbean such as papaya, yams, guavas and cassava.

Throughout the Caribbean the fusion of African, European Indian/South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese cuisine has influenced different national dishes.    These dishes were brought over to the United Kingdom before and during the Windrush but were adapted due to lack of ingredients available.   Throughout the years the various fruits and vegetables are more readily obtainable and have given not only the Caribbean population the ingredients needed but the whole of the United Kingdom.

The exhibition is curated by the Caribbean Social Forum with support by Professor Tracey Reynolds, Centre Applied Research. With thanks to Dave Hockham, David Waterworth, Shiva and members of the Caribbean Social Forum.


Friday, November 5th, 2021

An exhibition and accompanying series of events showcasing the Sound/Image research group.

Exhibiting group members: Dushume (Amit Dinesh Patel); Jim Hobbs; Andrew Knight-Hill; Emma Margetson; Angela McArthur; Jonathan Weinel; Richard Whitby

Using practice as a tool of critical enquiry, the Sound/Image research group investigates the possibilities available to create new aesthetic experiences through a range of sonic and audio-visual media technologies. Based in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Greenwich, the group has built an international reputation for hosting public events and conferences. These events seek to bring together creative practitioners and leading academics to share insights and reflect upon the latest audiovisual practices.

Navigating the immersive possibilities of sound in space, the Sound/Image ’21 exhibition includes durational installation, It’s all right. I came back (2021) by Jim Hobbs, plus recent sound-works Boo Su 5’10”, Cultaural Fetish 1′ (2021) and PhliKr 9’43 (2020) by Dushume. New and recent works composed for the IKO speaker (pictured) feature as part of the exhibition installation; these by Emma Margetson, composer-in-residence during the exhibition, Angela McArthur, and other members of the group. Also presented, is video documentation of the virtual reality work for Oculus Quest, Cyberdream (2020) by Jonathan Weinel and Void (2019) by Andrew Knight-Hill. In conjunction with the works on exhibition, a programme of talks and live events (see below) delves further into the work of the group, including ROT, Greenwich a new performance by Siôn Parkinson and Richard Whitby, with Amit Dinesh Patel. Please see tabs below for more details and sign up information for these events.

Composer in Residence

Emma Margetson will be working with the IKO as composer in residence during the exhibition, with the resulting work being presented on 8th December in ‘Instrumentalising spaces: the IKO immersive loudspeaker’ (below).
Drop by to talk with and observe Emma in action whilst composing, Emma will be working in the gallery between 10am-12pm and 1-4pm on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th December 2021

This IKO residency is funded by the Arts Council England grant, Developing your Creative Practice.

The Sound/Image research group

Working with international and high-profile collaborative partners the Sound/Image research group strives to make a progressive contribution to the contemporary electronic art landscape, challenging established knowledge and seeking to enrich the worlds of contemporary sound and audio-visual media.

Research areas covered are: Sound and Image Relationships in Audio-visual Media; Audio-visual Composition and Performance; Soundscapes and Binaural Audio; Noise and Chaos; Spatial Audio Composition; Increasing Diversity in Experimental Music and Electronic Arts. 

The group aims to effect change that increases diversity and opens access to contemporary electronic arts, fostering new research talent within a constructive, collaborative community. It seeks to promote practice-based research methods as tools for novel understanding and critical analysis, while delivering world leading research in sound and audio-visual practice.

More about the group, its research and partnerships can be found HERE

Extra safety measures are in place for your visit to the gallery and events.
You are requested to wear a mask (unless you have a waiver), make use of the hand sanitiser provided, and to observe social distancing measures. Numbers at the events are limited and booking is advised for these via our website. Some works in the exhibition require headphones. Sanitised headphones will be provided at the gallery desk for this; you are also welcome to bring your own.

Spatial Materialities

Tuesday, September 28th, 2021

Photograph (detail): Acacia Diana

A solo exhibition of photographic works by Acacia Diana

Spatial Materialities explores spaces and structures through their most fundamental visual language. Images are framed in isolation or in singular perspective, to focus on the aspects that inform user experience with design cues. This collection extends a deeper appreciation for the visual enhancements of architecture, some often overlooked, that aids in informing identities, styles and histories. Certain elements are accentuated in bright, vibrant hues to draw viewers to the essential language of form and arrangement, to awaken child-like curiosity and wonder. The subjects, captured over the span of several years, archive the photographer’s growth and architectural comprehension over the years.


Acacia Diana is a photographer and designer who specialises in producing architecture and travel visuals. An enthusiastic advocate of exploring the world, cultures, and environment, she has worked with numerous global brands to create and curate beautiful images. She also does documentary work for international NGOs and refugee aids. She is a Canon EOS Youth Ambassador, and a graduate of Masters in Architecture from the University of Greenwich.

Instagram: @acaciadiana

Photography supported by