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House of Many Cultures: The Others’ Story

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

The notion of what it is to be British has arisen yet again in the light of the current debates instigated by Brexit, Black Lives Matter, the toppling of statues that celebrated slave traders and structural racism. 

It seems, like more than ever, understanding the multitude of cultural identities that inhabit Britain is needed. This exhibition invites you to explore some of these cultures through the conduit of work undertaken by University of Greenwich alumni who embedded their cultural identities into their graduate projects.

The work selected is specifically by British architecture students with hybrid identities (i.e., with diasporic backgrounds). The exhibition showcases projects that these students used to explore their own culture and identity through an architectural lens. It is both an investigation into the self and also an opportunity for others to learn and understand a British demographic that is sometimes seen as the other.

The contribution of these recently graduated architects is essential to the cultural debate that is currently taking place as they inevitably influence British architecture and culture today.

Exhibitors :

Rayan Elnayal  (British of Sudanese descent); Peter Efe  (British of Nigerian descent); Dhruv Gulabchande (British of Indian descent); Sachini Jayasena  (British of Sri Lankan descent); Ahad Mahmood. (British of Pakistani descent); Parisa Shahnooshi  (British of  Iranian descent); Niraj Shah (British of Indian descent); George Aboagy Williams  (British of Ghanaian descent)

School of Design Show 2021

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

Visit our showcase exhibition and see a range of work on display from our students graduating in Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urbanism, Graphic Design & Animation, Media, Film and Television.

The students this year have produced work full of fearless experimentation in the face of incredible challenges. They display wit, ingenuity and imagination in what they have achieved. Out of the chaos and uncertainty these creative individuals have found possibility and the freedom to experiment. The challenge of chaos was compounded by not being able to physically inhabit the creative space for much of the year – but that has not stopped them allow their talent and potential emerge.

We can see this year, more than ever, that the School of Design continues to go from strength to strength. This show attests to its growing reputation and standing as a creative institution of national and international standing. We urge you to come and share with us the exciting results of our students’ success. Celebrate these achievements with us.

COVID-19 and social distancing considerations

Venue capacity restrictions remain in place for the safety of all visitors and booking is essential.

Please book your ticket for one of the specified 2-hour timeslots, making sure to enter no earlier than your ticket start time and depart no later than the ticket end time. This is a self-guided tour – please feel free to explore the exhibition at your own pace within your 2-hour timeslot.

1 ticket per person, per timeslot. Each additional visitor must have their own ticket. Upon arrival, please check-in to Stockwell Street Library reception.

St Alfege Church in Translation

Monday, April 19th, 2021

An exhibition of multiple views of St Alfege Church, Greenwich seen via hundreds of 3D scans.

Since 2017 Captivate Research Group, in partnership with St Alfege Church, have been 3D scanning the entire church from the top of the steeple to the furthest recesses of the crypt, from inside to outside, from before, during and after the HLF supported restoration works. In the order of 400 polychrome + monochrome scans and more than 2,000 photographs have been used to build large 3D point cloud and photogrammetric models of St Alfege.

These models are effectively worlds which can be explored, worlds which are 1:1 translations of the actual church but that can reveal previously unseen views and spatial relationships such as that between the sacristy, the crypt and the roof void which reveals a unity of composition previously unseen.

The views in this exhibition are taken from the same data sets but with aesthetic variation to make apparent specific qualities and atmospheres. In some of the scans the architecture appears as a series of veils through which we can perceive the totality of the church.

In others we see the church in section where for instance the extraordinary stacked sequence of the chambers of the steeple materialise, exquisite segments linked by a series of ladders winding between the volatile bells and around the delicately extended mechanisms of the clock.

We are now able to see the spatial complexity of St Alfege as a whole from multiple points of view.

Project Team St Alfege Church: Rebecca Parrant (Heritage Engagement & Interpretation Manager); Wendy Foreman (Heart of Greenwich Project Director); David McEvoy (Church Administrator); Richard Griffith Architects; The Meridian Ringers. Captivate Research Group: Duncan Goodwin; Philip Hudson; Ed Wall; Simon Withers.

Captivate Research Group, School of Design, University of Greenwich

Sound & Image / Sonos Localia

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Celebrating research in Sound and Image fostered at the University of Greenwich, including the recent Routledge publication, Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practice Andrew-Knight-Hill (ed) and new releases from the surround sound Sonos Localia record label.

Exhibitors: Andrew Knight-Hill, Ian Thompson, students, artists and composers featured in the publication and recordings

This event is part of the Greenwich Sound/Image Festival.

Your Visit

Due to COVID 19, we are operating a policy of limiting visitor numbers to a maximum of 6 per hour, with no group bookings. It is therefore advisable for you to book in advance for your visit. Each slot is 45 minutes starting on the hour and can be booked via the Eventbrite link below. If you arrive without a booking we will only be able to grant you entry if there is a gree slot. In this case, you will also be required to leave contact details for tracing purposes.

You are requested to wear a mask for your visit (unless you have a waiver), make use of the hand sanitiser provided, and to observe social distancing measure while you are in the gallery. For those shielding or otherwise unable to attend on-site, an online digital version will be available which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

Further info

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