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Unstable Foundations – Exhibitors Talk & Private View

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

The latest exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Unstable Foundations, which features visual artist Suzanne Mooney and architect Felix Robbins, will open with an Exhibitors’ Talk on 2nd May. This event will include both exhibitors and will offer insights into their approach to this exhibition. The talk will be followed by a private viewing of the exhibition.

Free Admission – no booking required.

Exhibitors’ Talk: 6-7pm

Private View: 7-9pm

Future Cities 7 Conference

Monday, April 9th, 2018

This year the theme of the conference will center on ‘Atmospheres” and asks what conflicts in architectural and urban design offer and how it is possible to work with such tensions creatively. It also raises questions about how we may deal with the nature of ecology, urban environments and an increasingly global society – which are all composed of many different, often contradictory bodies.

Conference Schedule:

10.45  – Sharon-Michi Kusunoki

11.30 – Mark Morris

12.15 – Alison Fisher

13.00 – Lunch Break

14.00 – Nic Clear

14.45 – Jose Alfredo Ramirez

17.00 – Exhibition Opening and Drinks

The Performativity of Painting – Artists’ Talk

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

this is it, 2017, J.A. Nicholls (detail). Postcard, 2017, Selma Parlour and Chris (Horst), 2017, David Lock (detail)


‘An experience of an artwork is an embodiment of space, within the work and around the work – the experience of the temporal’[1]

The Creative Conversations initiative and University of Greenwich Galleries invite you to join the artists of the current Stephen Lawrence Gallery exhibition, on the afternoon of Saturday the 10th of February, to view and experience the work and to discuss the performative nature of painting.

What is the relationship between the artists and their artwork? What role does the gallery space serve in the staging and meaning of the work? How does the ‘framing’ of the gallery space alter the experience of the viewer? How can an artwork behold a viewer? How can a curation of works create thoughtful dialogue individually and as a collaboration?

These are some of the topics that will be considered in an open forum with the artists Tobias Buckel, Liz Elton, David Lock, J.A. Nicholls, Selma Parlour, James Pimperton, Rebecca Molloy guided by curator Alex Roberts.

For further details, and to register the event, follow the link the Eventbrite page:

We look forward to seeing you,

The Creative Conversations and The Stephen Lawrence Gallery Team

Schedule of the event:

Sat 10 February 2018
The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich Galleries
1.30-2pm arrivals – Coffee, Tea and Cake Provided
2pm Rebecca Molloy performance
2.30-4pm Public panel, open discussion, Q&A’s. Introduced and guided by Alex Roberts.


[1] Linday Seer’s commentary, elevated from the final panel discussion of the conference, ‘Folds in Time: Artists’ Responses to the Temporal and the Uncanny’, hosted by The Freud Museum, 4th July 2015. Part of The Freud Museum Festival of the Unconscious.

‘Recitativo’ Performance by David Ryan and Ensemble

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

Recitativo – Fragments after Lucretius and Negri is a live performance that examines the relationship between the speaking voice (as a kind of narration) and the possibility of ‘wrapping’ this narration with both sounds and images. Central to this project is the creation of a spoken text that interweaves aphoristic statements from Lucretius’ philosophical and epic poem De Rerum Natura (‘On the Nature of Things’) and, as a contemporary intervention, Antonio Negri’s political reworking of these ideas in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

This event takes place at the Stockwell Street building in Greenwich and is held in association with Granular: The Material Properties of Noise exhibition and the Granular Colloquium.

Performing: David Ryan, William Crosby, Kelcy Davenport, Cristina Grifone, Justyna Latoch, and Joe Zeitlin.

While this is event is free, places must be booked in advance HERE, where booking information for the Granular colloquium is also available.

More information about the performance can be found at the dedicated Recitativo website