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Flea Folly / Dan Walwin: Exhibitors’ Talk

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

FleaFollyArchitects are spatial-storytellers who use narrative and fiction to discover, explore and invent unique architectural propositions encompassing all scales. Operating across, and blurring the boundaries between the fields of architecture, design, fashion, art and installation, they use craft as a key component of their work in trying to bring speculative worlds to the wider audience.

In an effort to construct ‘real cities’ at micro scale, FleaFollyArchitects have been investigating the seductiveness of spatial condensation within bonsai landscapes and doll’s houses. What makes these micro worlds so powerful in captivating the imagination of their observers and set them in contrast to the traditional architectural model?
How can the approach to the way we experience models be challenged to create a similar receptacle for the imagination to inhabit? Furthermore, how can one build an actual architecture entirely by hand within the confines of the Architects’ workplace? Have the boundaries of traditional architectural model – making and drawing been pushed far enough, before we are fully absorbed by a technological age?

Grimm’s Fairytales, Elias Canetti’s ‘Earwitness’ and Mary Shelly’s ‘Modern Prometheus’ are but a few fictional narratives that have inspired FleaFollyArchitects to craft microcosms for the characters of these stories to inhabit. These tectonic renditions investigate the very notion of how miniature architecture may transcend the domain of architectural models and occupy the make-believe world of doll‘s houses and fairy-tales. One such piece is Grimm City – a city of bonsai proportions

Exhibition Opening Event: Hallveig Agústsdóttir with Alison Blunt

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

‘Drawing towards Sound: Visualising the Sonic’ Private View on 3rd March at 6pm

7pm – Hallveig Agústsdóttir – drawing performance with Alison Blunt – Lecture Theatre, Stockwell Street Building

Hallveig Agústsdóttir is an Icelandic sound artist and composer currently residing in Belgium. Her interests stem from her practices as a visual artist, but also in the nature of graphic scores themselves, together with the development of an integrated form of performance, scoring and composition. Here, for this special event, she will produce a new piece in collaboration with London-based improviser Alison Blunt, violin.

Hallveig Agustsdotir_performance-drawing-2

Hallveig Agustsdotir

Curator’s Lecture – Drawing Towards: Sound Visualising the Sonic

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015


Cornelius Cardew: Treatise p75

Thursday March 5th 6.30pm David Ryan: Tessa Blackstone Lecture theatre

David Ryan (Anglia Ruskin University), a visual artist and musician, will introduce the themes of this exhibition, in particular approaches to notation, performance and interconnections between sonic practices and the visual arts.

Richard Hoadley – ‘Semaphore’

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Richard Hoadley: "Semaphore" in performance. Photo: Chris Frazer Smith

Richard Hoadley: “Semaphore” in performance. Photo: Chris Frazer Smith

Performance and interactive project with dance and musicians – TV Studio, Stockwell Street Building

Note: booking is essential, please see link below

Richard Hoadley has been active in developing interactive and generative notations for performance and in particular collaborations with dance and movement, in particular with choreographer Jane Turner. Semaphore explores the interconnections between seeing, moving, and hearing, through structure, algorithmic development and dynamic responsiveness.