About Then: Artist Talk

  • 6th April 2023
  • 6:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Artist Talk with Seema Khalique, Anselm Ebulue, Philippa James, Rehan Jamil and Shaista Chishty.

About Then, a photographic exhibition curated for the Stephen Lawrence which brings together work of 5 artists.

This exhibition is an excavation of the artist’s memories resulting in a showcase of intimate works on the transformative effect our personal and shared recollections of landscapes, communities, faith and grief.

The conversation will encompass the 5 artists discussing individual works being exhibited.

Seema Khalique’s work Lost in the Soot journeys through the mourning process of losing personal possession in Khalique’s fire damaged home. Anselm Ebulue’s work Whims of the Rye explores Ebulue’s personal relationship with Peckham, an area in south east London where he grew up. Philippa James’ work Unqualified is a metaphor for the trauma she experienced after witnessing the unexpected death of her father. Rehan Jamil’s work East End of Islam documents Muslim Community in Tower Hamlets and their lives around the East London Mosque. Shaista Chishty’s work Moving beyond hate: experiments in recycling is a project rooted in the physical & metaphorical act of transformation.

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  • About Then

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    Photographic work, bringing together 5 artists sharing recollections of cityscapes, communities, faith and grief: Seema Khalique, Anselm Ebulue, Philippa James, Rehan Jamil and Shaista Chishty.