A Place about Time

  • 2nd Dec - 16th Dec 2016
  • Heritage Gallery

Greenwich has long inspired people to think about the relationship of place to time. The site of the University straddles the Meridian and occupies architecture that brings past and present into the same frame. From Wren’s Naval Hospital to the new arts and architecture facility in Stockwell Street, time is encountered in many guises.

The Department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts (CPDA) has taken this opportunity to establish creative partnerships with a range of collaborators in reflective investigation of the nature of time, and to build a community around this process. The emerging projects evidence the spectrum of community, industry and academic partners inspired to work with CPDA in response to this subject at this location. This display presents some recent examples, shown at University Alliance “Making Places” event at the Royal Festival Hall:

Infinity: a 3D mapping projection onto flats in the Brayards estate, Southwark. Shown at the 2014 Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival, it led to requests for similar projects at the film festival in 2015 and 2016.

Project Leader: Jim Hobbs (CPDA), featuring work by BA Graphics and 3D Design students, Shaan Blackford, Adex Costa, Ash Hazim, Maciej Jedrzejewski, Migle Kanapelkaite, Rita Kucinskaite, Priscilla Albuja Martins, James Rus. Link to video.

Paper Cities (2016): a video installation (pictured) created with children from James Wolfe Primary School in Greenwich, exploring how communities change and develop, with a focus on Stockwell Street. This was part of an Arts Council sponsored project, “Broken Plate” (see below) run in partnership with Emergency Exit Arts (EEA).

Artist, Alex Evans (EEA); Filmmaker, Kyle Graham (BSc Film & TV student); Sound/Poetry Arjunan Manuelpillai (EEA). Link to video.

Tuning in to Elusive Times (2016): This project by Greenwich student Orestis Dikaios (Film Studies BA) was informed by a series of therapeutic workshops at the nearby Royal Trinity Hospice, exploring relationships between the experience of emotions and time.

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