10 – 4

David Waterworth

  • 21st July - 18th Aug
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Documenting a decade of gallery activity at the University of Greenwich, 10-4 takes the form of an expanded archive, where the contents of the curator’s office, and associated storerooms, have been collated and displayed in chronological and thematic order.

Starting with the Stephen Lawrence Gallery’s six-year presence in Wren’s Queen-Anne Court at the Old Royal Naval College, the exhibition follows its more recent evolution into three separate exhibition spaces, occasioned by the September 2014 opening of the new academic building in Stockwell Street.

On display are items as various as cotton handling gloves and bespoke beers; limited edition prints, balls of string, announcement cards, hanging instructions and extension cables. As a whole, the full plethora of exhibits in the archive makes visible not only the range of exhibitions and events covered during the ten year period but something of the behind-the-scenes experience of making them happen.

Exhibition Assistants: Shakti-Rose Das and Valerio Trafeli

Card design: Valerio Trafeli