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Stephen Lawrence Gallery

With its “shop-front” location, this self-contained, dedicated exhibition space takes its place in the thriving Greenwich arts scene and is a window on the creative life of the University’s new academic building in Stockwell Street, which houses subject specialisms in architecture, digital arts and design. For more information about this gallery, its history and objectives, please see the about page.

The Performativity of Painting

  • 16th January 2018 - 16 February 2018
  • Stephen Lawrence Gallery

Painting – the performance of structures, fragments and use of space within the perceived painted frame, and the relating inherent surround. In bringing together these artists, through their distinct individual accounts and methodologies, The Performativity of Painting offers opportunity to consider site-specificity, theatrical tropes, depicted surfaces, staging and the interconnectedness of the artwork’s context (in […]

Project Space

Like a “town square” the Project Space provides a location for a calendar of events at the bustling centre of the new academic building. The Project Space also hosts displays in association with conferences and talks in the adjoining lecture theatres and occasionally allows room for the larger exhibitions in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery to expand.

Granular: The Material Properties of Noise

  • 16th Jan - 3rd Feb 2018
  • Project Space

Granular noise is explored as a condition of material transfer in this exhibition. A central concern across the works on display is the material state change that occurs within the processes of mediation. Here, disintegration and/or reintegration of elements at a granular level is encountered as a mode of transference between states, whether physical or […]

Heritage Gallery

Located in the historic setting of the Old Royal Naval College, the Heritage Gallery lends itself to longer-term exhibitions dealing with the University’s history and values. Recently renovated, this gallery offers a resource to our students and staff as well as a point of communication between the university and the many visitors to our World Heritage Site.

Making Memories Matter

  • Extended until 19th January 2018
  • Heritage Gallery

An international exhibition by the European Reminiscence Network of Memory Boxes created by artists and older people in several countries. Creating a life portrait is a two-way process in which the older person reflects back on his or her life history with the appointed artist and together they create a 3-D mini-installation, featuring significant people, places, […]